Nitrogen Purging Training
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Nitrogen Purging Training

Arobase offers specialised nitrogen purging courses for gas testers in oil and gas industries, providing expert guidance and tailored programs. Training covers practical techniques, safety protocols, and operational efficiency, with a focus on debunking common misconceptions. Their courses also discuss nitrogen purging benefits like safety enhancement, cost reduction, and downtime minimization in various applications, highlighting its importance in maintaining inert atmospheres and preventing combustion or oxidation.

Hydrogen Training
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Hydrogen Gas Detection – White Paper

Hydrogen is gaining prominence in the transition to a low-carbon economy, particularly for energy sectors where electrification is challenging. Governments are noting its importance for energy independence, with the potential to supply 20-35% of global energy by 2050, thereby boosting economies and job markets. This white paper introduces hydrogen’s basics, production, uses, and related gas detection advancements, aiding stakeholders in making informed decisions.

Certified Marine Chemist or Authorised Gas Tester Image.
Certified Marine Chemist

Ensuring Safety Below Deck: The Vital Role of Certified Marine Chemists and Authorised Gas Testers

Certified Marine Chemists (CMCs) are vital for maritime safety, ensuring ships are safe for entry and work in the U.S. However, the role of the Authorised Gas Tester (AGT) is emerging internationally, offering a modern, technology-driven alternative. While AGTs provide cost-effective and real-time safety advantages, it’s crucial they receive industry-specific training and certification. Arobase Gas Testing provides such training, essential for maritime industry safety protocol modernisation.

Authorised Gas Tester Training

Who Provides the Best Authorised Gas Tester Training Courses?

Arobase Gas Testing sets the standard for authorised gas tester training, surpassing industry norms with a comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, flexible training options, and industry recognition. Their commitment to excellence and staying ahead of industry trends makes them the top choice for professionals seeking top-tier training in industrial safety.

Confined Space Gas Testing
Confined Spaces

Confined Space Gas Testing Training

The Confined Space Gas Testing Course equips you and your team to manage confined space risks effectively. This comprehensive course covers gas properties, entry procedures, and practical exercises, led by industry experts. Gain compliance, practical skills, certification, and networking opportunities in just 2 days at your location. Invest in your team’s safety today.

Authorised Gas Tester - Purge Training
OPITO Authorised Gas Tester

Authorised Gas Tester Training – 2024

Arobase Gas Testing offers Authorised Gas Tester Training with accredited experts, tailored courses, and a comprehensive curriculum covering confined spaces, hot work, purging, and hazardous substances. Their proven track record and various course options make them a global leader in enhancing gas safety standards. Contact them to begin your gas safety journey.

Product Reviews

Dräger X-pid® 9500 – Product Review

The Dräger X-pid® 9500 is a groundbreaking gas detection and measurement device with superior sensitivity and specificity, able to accurately detect a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Its user-friendly design and robust build, real-time feedback, customisable target compounds, wireless connectivity, data logging capabilities, and long battery life distinguish it as a vital tool in industries where swift and accurate identification of VOCs is critical. Despite a higher price tag, its performance and features justify the investment.

Engineer using gas monitors to measure flammable gases.
White Paper

A Guide to Effectively Detect and Measure Flammable Gases”

The white paper discusses the importance of accurately measuring flammable gases for safety in various environments. It highlights the crucial role of gas detectors for early threat detection and aging, stressing the significance of choosing appropriate sensors, strategic placement, regular calibration, and understanding gas concentration levels. Moreover, it recommends establishing clear response and emergency protocols to effectively handle potential gas incidents.

Hydrogen Gas Detection White Paper
Training Courses

Hydrogen Fundamentals – Gas Detection Training Course

Hydrogen is one of a handful of new solutions critical to the worlds transition to a zero or low carbon economy. Being especially flexible it has the potential to provide energy solutions for those industries that cannot be electrified such as large scale power, heating, transportation and energy storage. Will the new connected gas detection world ready. Find out in our latest training course.

Connected Hydrogen Detection
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Live Hydrogen Leakage Modelling

With hydrogen fast becoming the fuel gas of choice around the world. Leakage detection, modelling and data analytics are the must haves for transportation companies. Our revolutionary new product range and services exceed expectations.

Connected gas monitors are the latest development in the world of gas detection
Blackline G7

Connected Gas Monitors Explained

Connected gas monitors (detectors) are the latest development in the world of gas detection. For many of us working in adverse environments, turning on a gas monitor and attaching it to our lapel is second nature. If it alarms, we react appropriately and thank it for saving our lives. But how many of us stop to think about how these devices work or whether we are using them correctly? And what are connected gas detectors and how do they work? You will find connected gas monitors explained in basic terms in our latest free white paper.

Gas Detector Probe

Gas Detector Probes & Accessories

Our readers often feedback how frustrated they are with the probes supplied with their gas detectors. High prices and poor quality are the most common complaints. To solve these problems we decided to make our own. The new Arobase gas detector probe range is now available for purchase. The @-probe uses a universal handle containing high efficiency filters and is fully serviceable and adaptable for all gas testing scenarios. For more information see our probes and accessories brochure.

Authorised Gas Detector
Gas Detector Probes

How to Find the Best Gas Detector Probe?

A gas detector probe is a device used to enable gas testers to take samples from specific locations when using electronically pumped or hand aspirated instruments. Gas detector probes are designed to work in a number of situations, including; leak tracing, barhole testing and confined space entry. Many contain water and dust filters to protect entry of these materials into the gas detector.

Hot Work Gas Testing
Hot Work Gas Testing

Hot Work Gas Testing – 6 Steps to Safety!

Here at Arobase Gas Testing we take pride in the quality of gas testers we send out to undertake these activities. Those who have attended our courses have received the insights of those who have undertaken such work for over 35 years without even a near miss. (That’s not to say we haven’t identified many near misses created by others!)

Avonmouth Explosion 2020
Authorised Gas Tester Training

Avonmouth Explosion: “An Inspiration to Keep Writing”

Having worked at the Avonmouth site many years ago gas freeing a similar tank to the one which exploded and having watched its development in recent years. My heart goes out to those families who have lost their loved ones. To say they have my deepest sympathy doesn’t express strongly enough how devastating this news was.

Gas Detector Probe

Gas Detector Probes

Definition: A gas detector probe is a device used to enable gas testers to take samples from specific locations when using electronically pumped or hand aspirated instruments. But how do you choose the right one?