When is Gas Testing Required?

Hot work Gas Testing

When is Gas Testing required?

Air is an essential elements for life and as we have previously discussed the atmosphere around us can quickly become contaminated without knowing. The reason why we are unaware of contamination is due to the fact that many dangerous gases are odourless, tasteless and colourless – making them impossible to detect using our senses. Therefore the only way we can be sure our atmosphere is safe is to test it. We do this by means of a suitable gas detector or sometimes laboratory analysis.

Gas testers are often asked to test for hazardous gases in many scenarios, for example: prior to hot work, during purging operations, to investigate gas alarms, during entry into confined spaces, to mention just a few.

It is therefore impossible to give a full definitive list of the many scenarios a gas testers might encounter – and neither is it possible to define exactly where the boundaries lie between the various professions involved – such as: occupational hygienists; analytical chemists; industrial hygienists, environmental scientists; authorised marine chemists and authorised gas testers…. etc when it comes to the field of gas testing.

So much of the content in our site talks in general terms, however some specific articles relate to all of the professions listed above.

If you have a particular interest, please feel to contact us and we will try to accomadate your requirements. We would also welcome any contributions to our site from professionals working in these fields.


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