Confined Space Gas Detectors

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Choosing the Right Confined Space Gas Detector?

For many the answer to this question is simple….

  1. contact as many manufacturers as you can
  2. establish their bottomline prices for a standard 4 gas personal detector
  3. check delivery times
  4. try to workout ongoing running costs

And then the answer is normally – buy the cheapest, as they all seem to do the same job!

And if you have to go through a procurement department, then the cheapest is nearly always the only option to get.

But What Should We Do?

Well the above process may be okay for those working in the water industry who need to enter normal sewers, but for most of us, our requirements vary and our choice of gas detectors is not quite so simple.

We need to ask more questions!

Before purchasing or hiring any gas detector, you need to go through a standard gas testers risk assessment to identify which gases you will need to detect. Without doing this you will not be sure to detect all the possible atmospheric hazards within your confined space. (For more on this please see our confined space gas testing training articles)

Next you need to look at your confined space and establish how you are going to sample its contents? Can you take representative samples using a diffusive (non-pumped) device, or will you need a pumped version of some sort?


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