Fracking – Gas Detection

Fracking Gas Detectors

Fracking describes the process of drilling down into the earth and the subsequent injection of a high-pressure water mixture into the underlying rock. As a result the trapped natural gas is released making it collectable. The drilling can be carried out vertically, or more commonly, both vertically and horizontally into the rock layers. This creates new pathways for the gas to travel through and facilities its captured by the surface process equipment.

The term fracking denotes how the rock is fractured by means of the high-pressure mixture.

Why Controversial?

There have been several environmental concerns raised by campaigners to the introduction of fracking in the UK, these include:

  • the large amounts of water used
  • potential water contamination due to the chemicals injected
  • noise pollution
  • spoiling of the countryside
  • potential for earth tremors
  • the risk of gas escapes
  • the promotion of fossil fuel usage

Gas Detection

The natural gas released by fracking is easily detected using a variety of gas detectors fitted with the right sensors. The best devices are those currently used by the UK’s gas utilities, such as the GMI Gas Surveyor range; although, all major manufacturers have instruments that work almost as well and often for less money.

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