Lego Gas Tester – First Authorised Gas Tester Course

So here I am on my first day at the Draeger AGT course in Stavanger Norway. I hope to be able to share my knowledge and experience with the other learners here today.

Day one is thoery apparently, so hopefully not to dull! I’ll let you know how it goes later…

Purge Testing Course

So here’s an update on how things went today.  Day one was a little heavy, but the instructor left us all with greater depth of understanding in the theory behind gas detection in the oil and gas industry. Arobase gas detection’s input was very useful and their partnership with Draeger Norway seems to be an excellent idea. Having an instructor who works in the industry and has years of experience is invaluable.

Day 2 – we dealt with confined space and hotwork gas testing including both theory and practical sessions throughout the day.  And the lunch wasn’t bad either!

I would have liked a bit more time to try additional scenarios, but I guess you can’t do everything in 3 days.


Purging oil and Gas

Day 3 – with its purging section is the best I have attended and challenges your mind every step of the way.  The instructor sets you various problems and leaves you to find the most efficient solution. The test rig in Stavanger is a great way to test your practical skills and is much better that sitting in a classroom all day.

If you get the chance, I definitely recommend you try it out!

Applying the skills weve learned could save us millions offshore as we can cut our lost production time dramatically.  I can’t wait to see if this is true.


Now for home and a well earned rest…. see you all soon 🤓
Purging Oil and Gas

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