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You will often hear expressions such as:

  1. “A complicated gas installation is too difficult to purge using a flow (displacement) technique.” 
  2. “The simplest way to purge such locations is a straightforward pressure purge, where you treat it as a large vessel or you need to let the nitrogen gas “soak” for a few hours to mix.” 
  3. “Gases often layer out and travel past one another.” 
  4. Or even “the flammable gases appear to magically comes back after you have finished the purged” 

If you do, don’t believe them, they’re just urban myths! And we will tell you why.

Nitrogen purging of gas installations is an often neglected part of gas detector training. Over the past few weeks we have been developing a new series of courses designed to help engineers and gas testers understand how gas behave when purging complicated pipe configurations.

Knowing how gases travel and the best way of removing them, results in less down time and much safer operating conditions. The courses use both classroom and practical sessions to test the knowledge of the learners and demonstrate best practice in different scenarios.

These courses are ideal for:

  • Offshore production installations
  • Pipelines and vessels
  • Complex systems
  • Offshore and onshore compressor installations
  • Onshore pressure reduction stations
  • LNG installations etc.

In the coming weeks we will discuss this topic in more detail, but in the meantime please let us have your experiences on what works and what doesn’t for you.

We are also very grateful for all the contributions we received from readers so far and have incorporated many of your ideas and experiences into the training packages. If you would like to know more – simply contact us and ask.

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