Authorised Gas Tester Refresher Training

Lego AGT – Exam Invigilation

Hi all, this is a very brief report from your mini gas tester here in Bristol UK.

I’ve been very happily invigilating the latest Authorised Gas Tester refresher day at Arobase Limited’s new training office in Bristol. Today’s @gt training course was used to update our friends in Gibraltar, who undertake an important role in keeping this vital UK port operating safety.

Refresher training can be a bit of a bore, especially if you have done it a few times like me! But the interactive @gt approach, makes the day past quickly and I guarantee every learner went away with something new to try.

Fortunately we have been able to complete the AGT Levels 1 and 2 in one and a half days, so now we have the afternoon free to explore the nearby historic city of Bath. Arobase apparently put on a city tour for all its students!

Next, I’m heading off to Norway to set up our latest offshore purging course. If any of you are interested in joining in, please get in touch. I’ll be there to greet you…

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