Winter Trigger Gas Leakage Survey Vehicles

Winter trigger gas survey vehicle.

As the Cold Weather Hits – Do gas leakage survey vehicles still play a role in preventing gas explosions?

As we move into a prolonged period of cold weather, gas survey vehicles will start to patrol our streets. Their purpose is to locate gas escapes caused by the effects of the elements. Gas transporters such as National Grid in the UK; use gas survey vehicles to proactively monitor leakage levels in the sensitive areas.

During specified periods, the vehicles patrol set routes using very sensitive gas detection equipment such to detect the presence of flammable gases.

Arobase Gas Testing’s team includes those who produce, service, maintain and calibrate survey vehicles to technical procedure T/SP/E22.

But there are other reasons why gas survey vehicles play an important role in the gas utility’s battle with leakage and public protection.

Watch this space for more information on this subject and in the meantime if you need assistance with sourcing and setting these devices up, feel free to contact us. Our team is waiting to help.

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