Odour and Odorisation of Gases by Mario SALES – The Mystery Finally Solved!

Odour and Odorisation of Gases by Mario SALES


Odour and Odorisation of Gases Dott. Ing. Mario SALES Directtore Centrale Tecnico, Società Italiana per il Gas (Italy)

Ever since it was originally presented at the 7th International Gas Conference in ROME 1958, the mystery surrounding the Sale’s Scale used to quantify odour intensity in natural gas has grown. Many quote a value of “2” on the Sales Scale as being satisfactory. But where does this term come from? How was it determined and more importantly, is it still relevant today?

All is made clear in the original report which, summarised the results of studies, experiments and research carried out by the Società Italiana per il Gas. Significant contributors included the staff and Technical Management team led by Engineer, Ferdinando Borelli, and Dr. Carlo Dusi from their chemistry department.

The paper originally presented and published in French is not easily understood unless translated. Therefore, we at Arobase Gas Testing thought it would be a good idea to do so and then went further – producing a simplified report and training programme discussing the subject and explaining many of the misconceptions.

Natural Gas OdorizationFor example:

  • What does the number 2 represent?
  • Are there relevant scales for our modern odourants?
  • Can you really double the amount of odorant you inject without significantly impacting on the odour intensity and number of public reported gas escapes? By the way – the answers not yes!

To find out more about:

  • The history of gas odorisation
  • Development of the Sales’ Scale
  • How Sales has been misinterpreted by some
  • The potential for soil to absorb odourants and the research done on this subject
  • Odourant masking and the research taking place today
  • How modern odorisation monitoring schemes can be improved and made more affective

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