Time to Switch to Web Based Authorised Gas Tester Training and Assessment?

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With Covid-19 sweeping quickly around the world, more and more of our customers are looking to web based platforms to solve their Authorised Gas Taster training and assessment needs. We at Arobase Gas Testing, have always extolled the virtues of face to face training and assessment and recommend e-learning as a useful supplementary tool.

So has this changed given the strange times we find ourselves under? “Well the short answer is no; however, we do recognise classroom training will be put on hold or require significant changes to its delivery until a vaccine is found for the virus.” For this reason – going forward, we will be switching to remote classroom learning and assessment.

What is the Best Alternative?

In times past – new gas testers were training by other gas testers. Often these were chemists who had the appropriate training and knowledge required to undertake the tasks. With the advent of modern gas detectors and changes to work practices, chemists were replaced with Authorised Gas Testers who are individuals trained up to be gas testers and taken form a vast array of work disciplines. Therefore, a one fits all e-learning package is extremely difficult to write and implement. As a result many successfully passed an e-learning assessment, but still fail to have the skills needed to undertake the role, due to the short nature of the course and the inability to undertake practical exercises. A good gas tester’s course should be at least 25% practical to be of true value to anyone new to the subject.

What is the Answer?

The best approach will be to switch all Authorised Gas Tester training to a webinar approach.

With immediate effect, our students will now link in remotely to our training rooms from home, where an expert will guide them through the Authorised Gas Tester’s role while tailoring each course to meet an individual student’s requirements.

Web Authorised Gas Tester Training using e-learning
Learn from Home – Save Money and Save Lives

New students will receive personalised tuition and existing gas testers will be able to renew their certificates remotely. Money and distance will no longer be an obstacle to the best training available.

Saving money – but more importantly saving lives!

So we are proud to announce we will now be offering our full range of courses and assessments via webinar format.

If you would like to know more please contact us using the form found on the following link.