Hydrogen Fundamentals – Gas Detection Training Course

Hydrogen Delivery, Safety & Detection

Hydrogen Gas Detection White Paper

As the dash for gas has moved from natural to bio and now to hydrogen, gas testers are quite rightly asking a number of serious question in preparation.

  • Is it the gas of the future?
  • How is it produced?
  • Can it provide a planet friendly solution to the global gas industry?
  • Will it be transported safely?
  • What is needed to convert to its use?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Are there any negatives?
  • How does it differ from hydrocarbon gases?
  • How can I detect it?

What will I need to do when undertaking leakage surveys, confined space entry testing, hotwork monitoring & purging? Our latest half day hydrogen fundamentals course discusses the:

  • History & Properties of hydrogen
  • How it’s produced
  • Intended uses
  • Transportation
  • Integration into the energy network
  • The hazards
  • Detection in multiple workplace situations
  • Live data mapping & leakage monitoring using connected gas detectors

These courses are provided both in person at customer’s sites and via video conferencing. To find our more – simply contact us.

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