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Dräger X-pid® 9500 – Product Review

The Dräger X-pid® 9500 is a groundbreaking gas detection and measurement device with superior sensitivity and specificity, able to accurately detect a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Its user-friendly design and robust build, real-time feedback, customisable target compounds, wireless connectivity, data logging capabilities, and long battery life distinguish it as a vital tool in industries where swift and accurate identification of VOCs is critical. Despite a higher price tag, its performance and features justify the investment.

Engineer using gas monitors to measure flammable gases.
White Paper

A Guide to Effectively Detect and Measure Flammable Gases”

The white paper discusses the importance of accurately measuring flammable gases for safety in various environments. It highlights the crucial role of gas detectors for early threat detection and aging, stressing the significance of choosing appropriate sensors, strategic placement, regular calibration, and understanding gas concentration levels. Moreover, it recommends establishing clear response and emergency protocols to effectively handle potential gas incidents.