Certified Marine Chemist or Authorised Gas Tester Image.
Certified Marine Chemist

Ensuring Safety Below Deck: The Vital Role of Certified Marine Chemists and Authorised Gas Testers

Certified Marine Chemists (CMCs) are vital for maritime safety, ensuring ships are safe for entry and work in the U.S. However, the role of the Authorised Gas Tester (AGT) is emerging internationally, offering a modern, technology-driven alternative. While AGTs provide cost-effective and real-time safety advantages, it’s crucial they receive industry-specific training and certification. Arobase Gas Testing provides such training, essential for maritime industry safety protocol modernisation.

Authorised Gas Tester Training

Who Provides the Best Authorised Gas Tester Training Courses?

Arobase Gas Testing sets the standard for authorised gas tester training, surpassing industry norms with a comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, flexible training options, and industry recognition. Their commitment to excellence and staying ahead of industry trends makes them the top choice for professionals seeking top-tier training in industrial safety.

Confined Space Gas Testing
Confined Spaces

Confined Space Gas Testing Training

The Confined Space Gas Testing Course equips you and your team to manage confined space risks effectively. This comprehensive course covers gas properties, entry procedures, and practical exercises, led by industry experts. Gain compliance, practical skills, certification, and networking opportunities in just 2 days at your location. Invest in your team’s safety today.

Authorised Gas Tester - Purge Training
OPITO Authorised Gas Tester

Authorised Gas Tester Training – 2024

Arobase Gas Testing offers Authorised Gas Tester Training with accredited experts, tailored courses, and a comprehensive curriculum covering confined spaces, hot work, purging, and hazardous substances. Their proven track record and various course options make them a global leader in enhancing gas safety standards. Contact them to begin your gas safety journey.