Authorised Gas Tester Training – 2024

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Authorised Gas Tester - Purge Training

Unlocking Safety: Authorised Gas Tester Training at Arobase Gas Testing.

Welcome to Arobase Gas Testing @gt, where safety meets expertise! Our Authorised Gas Tester Training is designed to equip you with essential skills for a secure work environment. Discover the key elements of our comprehensive courses below:

Why Choose Arobase?

Accredited Experts: Learn from industry professionals with hands-on experience.

Tailored Training: Customised courses to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering confined spaces, hot work, purging, hazardous substances, and more.

Proven Track Record: Join a community dedicated to enhancing gas safety standards gobally. We have worked with many of the world’s largest organisations providing tailor made courses designed to meet each of their specific needs.

Courses Available:

  • Authorised Gas Tester – Fundamentals (1 day)
  • Authorised Gas Tester – Confined Spaces (2 days)
  • Authorised Gas Tester – Hot Work (2 days)
  • Authorised Gas Tester – Confined Spaces & Hot Work (3 days)
  • Authorised Gas Tester – Gas Monitor (1 day)
  • Authorised Gas Tester – Biogas (2 days)
  • Authorised Gas Tester Tunnelling (2 days)
  • Authorised Marine Gas Tester (3 days)
  • Authorised Gas Tester – Purging (1 day)
  • Advanced Authorised Gas Tester (5 days)
  • Advanced Authorised Gas Tester – Risk Assessment Theory (1 day)
  • Advanced Authorised Gas Tester – Hazardous Substances Theory (1 day)
  • Occupational Hygiene Fundamentals (5 days)
  • Gas Detector and Sensor Selection (1 day)
  • Gas Tester Competency Assessor (2 days)
  • Practical 1-day re-assessment for Confined Spaces, Hot Work, and Purging
  • Customised Courses to Meet Your Needs

Our Mission:

At Arobase, we are driven by a passion for safety. Our training courses operate on a not-for-profit basis, with the goal of transforming the way gas testers work for the improved safety of all involved.

Contact Us:

For more information or to enrol in our Authorised Gas Tester Training, feel free to reach out to us. Your gas safety journey begins at here!