Hot Work Gas Tester
Hot Work Gas Testing

Hot Work – Authorised Gas Tester Training

Arobase Gas Testing’s programs train individuals to become Authorised Gas Testers for various industries without specific prerequisites. The training covers gas detection, equipment use, and safety procedures for hot work. Participants undergo practical and theoretical assessments to demonstrate competence, and successful candidates proceed to on-site evaluations.


Biogas – Gas Tester Training

Training for gas testers in biogas plants is vital for detecting leaks, corrosion, and to ensure energy efficiency and safety. It involves regular monitoring of gas composition to optimise energy output, uphold environmental regulations, and protect both infrastructure and employee health. Effective gas testing during routine and non-routine maintenance minimises risks, promoting a safer work environment and sustainable operations. Engaging in gas testing courses is encouraged for those in the biogas industry.

Nitrogen Purging Training
Training Courses

Nitrogen Purging Training

Arobase offers specialised nitrogen purging courses for gas testers in oil and gas industries, providing expert guidance and tailored programs. Training covers practical techniques, safety protocols, and operational efficiency, with a focus on debunking common misconceptions. Their courses also discuss nitrogen purging benefits like safety enhancement, cost reduction, and downtime minimization in various applications, highlighting its importance in maintaining inert atmospheres and preventing combustion or oxidation.

Hydrogen Training
Hydrogen News

Hydrogen Gas Detection – White Paper

Hydrogen is gaining prominence in the transition to a low-carbon economy, particularly for energy sectors where electrification is challenging. Governments are noting its importance for energy independence, with the potential to supply 20-35% of global energy by 2050, thereby boosting economies and job markets. This white paper introduces hydrogen’s basics, production, uses, and related gas detection advancements, aiding stakeholders in making informed decisions.