Hot Work – Authorised Gas Tester Training

Hot Work Authorised Gas Tester

Hot Work Gas Tester

The Importance of @gt’s Hot Work Gas Tester Program.

Hot work, involving operations with open flames, sparks, or heat-producing equipment, poses significant hazards in various industries. The intersection of intense heat and the presence of flammable gases can create a volatile environment, leading to potential gas explosions. Understanding the dangers associated with hot work and gas explosions is crucial for ensuring the safety of workers and the integrity of the workplace.

The risk of gas explosions during hot work arises from the potential ignition of flammable gases or vapours, often present in industrial settings. This ignition can result from open flames, welding arcs, cutting sparks, or other heat sources, setting off a chain reaction with devastating consequences. In this context, gas explosions not only endanger the lives of personnel but also have the potential to cause extensive damage to equipment, structures, and the environment.

Arobase’s Hot Work Authorised Gas Tester training investigates the inherent dangers of hot work and the specific risks associated with gas explosions. By recognising and addressing these dangers, Authorised Gas Testers can implement proactive safety measures, stringent protocols, to mitigate the potential catastrophic outcomes of hot work activities.

Hot Work Gas Testing Welder

Target Groups

Arobase Gas Testing’s training programs are meticulously crafted to fulfil the initial training and validation requisites for individuals preparring to work as Authorised Gas Testers in various work environments and industries.

Arobase Consultant Collaboration:

Partnering with clients, @gt consultants customises training programs to cater to specific needs across diverse sectors, including exploration and production in oil and gas, petrochemicals, shipping, pharmaceuticals, steel production, tank cleaning, and vessel inspection. Our course are currently in use in many companies globally and especially within Norwegian onshore and offshore Oil & Gas.

Authorised Gas Tester Responsibilities:

The program is essential for those involved in testing for flammable & toxic gases in preparation for hot work and those responsible for safety watch duties during hot work operations.

Delegate Prerequisites:

No specific prerequisites are required for delegates to attend this course, although previous experience in the use of gas detection equipment and hot work are preferred.

Physical & Stressful Demands:

Participants must be medically fit to fully engage in gas testing training without adverse effects on their health. The responsibility for completing the course without compromising health lies with the delegate and/or the sponsoring company.

Performance Validations:

Delegates will undergo explanations and demonstrations during the training to identify their expected knowledge and skills.

Modules Summary and Training Outcomes:

Module 1 – Authorised Gas Tester Key Skills

  • Introduction to Gas Testing
  • Statutory & Operational Requirements
  • Personal & Respiratory Protective Equipment
  • Oxygen Depletion, Enrichment & Measurement
  • Detecting & Measuring Flammable Gases
  • Detecting & Measuring Toxic Gases
  • Physical Properties of Gases Affecting Their Movement
  • Portable Gas Detection Equipment

Module 2 –Hot Work Gas Testing

  • Introduction to Hot Work
  • Basic Principles for Hot Work Gas Testing
  • Preparring to Test
  • Testing Procedures
  • Ongoing Monitoring
  • Reporting Results
  • Examples of Good & Bad

On Completion:

Upon successful completion, delegates will demonstrate a clear understanding of the theory and practical aspects of hot work gas testing.

Performance validation includes Multiple-Choice Questionnaires and observation/questioning during practical exercises. Successful delegates proceed to site-specific assessment under the direct supervision of a competent assessor.

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