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“Arobase Gas Testing @gt, provides Authorised Gas Testers with a central location for news, reviews and training.”


Connecting the world’s gas testers, sharing  knowledge and experiences we  improve the quality of our work and increase safety. To accomplish this objective, we need as many people as possible to contribute to our independent blog content. So why not get involved?

If one of your articles is published, we will be happy to put your details with it, including the organisation you represent. Or alternatively you may decide to remain anonymous.

As you read through this site, you will see how we start with  a few simple fundamentals and then add all the additional information needed to continue your professional development as an Authorised Gas Tester.

From then on, why not work with us to continue your learning and share your knowledge with others. Admittedly, such an idea is unusual in the gas testing world, where many like to guard their information and expertise, fearing others many somehow gain a competitive advantage. But here we intend to break the mould and freely share what we know.

If you would like to know more contact us.