Altair 4X
Choosing the right gas detector

Product Review- ALTAIR® 4X

Something strikes you the first time you pick up an ALTAIR® 4X and that’s its tactile, easy to grip design. Now I know this may seem a little irrelevant to you died hard gas testers, but as we always say – when you pick a device up, you instinctively know whether it’s right or not. And that “just right” feel is exactly what the ALTAIR® 4X gives you. 

Draeger X-am 8000
Choosing the right gas detector

Product Review – Dräger X-am 8000

So here we are, the long awaited release of the Dräger X-am 8000 has arrived. So does it live up to the high expectations we have of the Dräger brand?

Well on first sights it looks sleek and feels great. The clear display, classic Dräger 3 button menu makes for intuitive to navigation.  The pumped and diffusive options provide numerous sampling applications, comparable to the other pumped instrument out there.

Winter trigger gas survey vehicle.
Choosing the right gas detector

Winter Trigger Gas Leakage Survey Vehicles

As we move into a prolonged period of cold weather, gas survey vehicles will start to patrol our streets. Their purpose is to locate gas escapes caused by the effects of the elements. Gas transporters such as National Grid in the UK; use gas survey vehicles to proactively monitor leakage levels in the sensitive areas.

Choosing the right gas detector

Training in the use of Area (Sentinel) Gas Alarms.

Area gas alarms have evolved from simple alarm systems to sophisticated networks offering remote interaction and control. Essential to ensuring work safety, correct placement and usage are crucial for their effectiveness, as they vary with the type of gas and environment. A new training module is available to enhance practical knowledge about these detectors.

Choosing the right gas detector

Product Review- GMI-PS200

With the personal gas detector market getting increasing crowed, choosing the right device continues to be a tricky business.
But if you are looking for a low cost, standard 4 gas “Jack of all trades” – then the GMI PS200 may be just the instrument you are looking for.

Choosing the right gas detector

Fracking – Gas Detection

The natural gas released from fracking can be easy detected using a variety of gas detectors fitted with the right sensor. The best devices are those currently used by the UK’s gas utilities, such as the GMI Gas Surveyor range; although, all major manufacturers have devices that will work almost as well and often for less money.

Confined Space Gas Detector
Choosing the right gas detector

Product Review – Draeger X-am 7000

The X-am 7000 gas detector is definitely the most sofiaticated portable gas detector we have received for testing to date.

Its sleak design and robust sensor housing makes it an ideal choice for those harsh environments and tough working conditions.

You may ask however; “is the X-am 7000 worth the high price it demands from suppliers?” Well to answer that question you’ll need to dig deeper into its capabilities and find out what lies beneath a its basic outward appearance.