Nitrogen Purging – Training Courses

Nitrogen purging of gas installations is an often neglected part of gas detector training. Over the past few years we have been researching the most effective way of nitrogen and vacuum purging oil and gas installations. As result we have been able to develop a new series of courses designed to help engineers and gas testers understand how gas behave in complicated pipe configurations.

Winter trigger gas survey vehicle.
Choosing the right gas detector

Winter Trigger Gas Leakage Survey Vehicles

As we move into a prolonged period of cold weather, gas survey vehicles will start to patrol our streets. Their purpose is to locate gas escapes caused by the effects of the elements. Gas transporters such as National Grid in the UK; use gas survey vehicles to proactively monitor leakage levels in the sensitive areas.

Choosing the right gas detector

Area Gas Alarms – Who needs Them?

So on first sight, area gas alarms appear to be a fantastic solution to many tricky situations where flammable, and toxic gases may collect. The same if true when low or raise oxygen is the hazard. “A fully integrated web of highly sophisticated gas alarms would therefore appear to be just what is needed!”