Nitrogen Purging Training
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Nitrogen Purging Training

Arobase offers specialised nitrogen purging courses for gas testers in oil and gas industries, providing expert guidance and tailored programs. Training covers practical techniques, safety protocols, and operational efficiency, with a focus on debunking common misconceptions. Their courses also discuss nitrogen purging benefits like safety enhancement, cost reduction, and downtime minimization in various applications, highlighting its importance in maintaining inert atmospheres and preventing combustion or oxidation.

Confined Space Gas Testing
Confined Spaces

Confined Space Gas Testing Training

The Confined Space Gas Testing Course equips you and your team to manage confined space risks effectively. This comprehensive course covers gas properties, entry procedures, and practical exercises, led by industry experts. Gain compliance, practical skills, certification, and networking opportunities in just 2 days at your location. Invest in your team’s safety today.

Authorised Gas Tester - Purge Training
OPITO Authorised Gas Tester

Authorised Gas Tester Training – 2024

Arobase Gas Testing offers Authorised Gas Tester Training with accredited experts, tailored courses, and a comprehensive curriculum covering confined spaces, hot work, purging, and hazardous substances. Their proven track record and various course options make them a global leader in enhancing gas safety standards. Contact them to begin your gas safety journey.

Hydrogen Gas Detection White Paper
Training Courses

Hydrogen Fundamentals – Gas Detection Training Course

Hydrogen is one of a handful of new solutions critical to the worlds transition to a zero or low carbon economy. Being especially flexible it has the potential to provide energy solutions for those industries that cannot be electrified such as large scale power, heating, transportation and energy storage. Will the new connected gas detection world ready. Find out in our latest training course.

Odour and Odorisation of Gases by Mario SALES
Gas Odorisation

Odour and Odorisation of Gases by Mario SALES – The Mystery Finally Solved!

Ever since it was originally presented at the 7th International Gas Conference, in ROME 1958, the mystery surrounding the Sale’s scale used to qualify odour intensity in natural gas has grown. Many quote a value of “2” on the Sales Scale as being satisfactory. But where does is term come from? How was it determined and more importantly is it still relevant to today?

Authorised Gas Tester Training
OPITO Authorised Gas Tester

Authorised Gas Tester Training Levels 1 to 3

Here at Arobase, we run the classic OPITO format authorised gas tester training courses. The content includes all required of the syllabus and more. However, we do not hold OPITO accredited status and do not intend to. For more on the reasons why, please see our article “Authorised Gas Tester or Just an Authorised Gas?”