Choosing the right gas detector

Product Review- GMI-PS200

With the personal gas detector market getting increasing crowed, choosing the right device continues to be a tricky business.
But if you are looking for a low cost, standard 4 gas “Jack of all trades” – then the GMI PS200 may be just the instrument you are looking for.

Module 2

Confined Space Gas Testing – Module 2

1.1.1 – The implications of organisational and statutory requirements with respect to gas testing – to include legislation, codes of practice, manufacturers’ and company instructions

1.1.2 – The fact that the owner is responsible to make the confined space safe for entry

1.1.3 – How to interpret operational requirements – to include policies, procedures, instructions, codes of practice and standards

1.1.4 – How to select, use and care for PPE for different toxic and flammable gases through risk assessment

1.1.5 – Consideration of appropriate levels of respiratory protective equipment

1.1.6 – How to work both with and within the Permit to Work system

Product Reviews

Product Review – GasAlert MicroClip XT

The BW GasAlert MicroClip XT is a slim and compact portable gas detector, encased in that well know BW yellow housing. The combination of ease of use and affordability has made this instrument the first choice of many who need to measure hazardous atmospheres in a wide range of applications and industries.

Choosing the right gas detector

Fracking – Gas Detection

The natural gas released from fracking can be easy detected using a variety of gas detectors fitted with the right sensor. The best devices are those currently used by the UK’s gas utilities, such as the GMI Gas Surveyor range; although, all major manufacturers have devices that will work almost as well and often for less money.