Confined Space Gas Detector
Choosing the right gas detector

Product Review – Draeger X-am 7000

The X-am 7000 gas detector is definitely the most sofiaticated portable gas detector we have received for testing to date.

Its sleak design and robust sensor housing makes it an ideal choice for those harsh environments and tough working conditions.

You may ask however; “is the X-am 7000 worth the high price it demands from suppliers?” Well to answer that question you’ll need to dig deeper into its capabilities and find out what lies beneath a its basic outward appearance.

Hot work Gas Testing
Gas Testing Basics

When is Gas Testing Required?

Air is an essential elements for life and as we have previously discussed the atmosphere around us can quickly become contaminated without us knowing. The reason why we are unaware of contamination is due to the fact that many dangerous gases are both odourless and colourless – making them impossible to detect using our senses such as smell and sight. Therefore the only way we can be sure that our atmosphere is safe is to test it. We do that by means of a suitable gas detector or sometimes laboratory analysis.