AGT-2025 Training
Authorised Gas Tester Training

Introducing The New Arobase 2025 Authorised Gas Tester Course: Elevating Your Skills

The 2025 Authorised Gas Tester (AGT) Course is designed to enhance safety in hazardous environments, particularly in industries like oil, gas, and mining. It offers comprehensive training on gas detection, regulatory compliance, risk management, and uses advanced technologies. The course provides flexible learning options, expert instruction, and certification, advancing careers in safety management roles. Participants can enroll online to gain essential skills constituting a crucial part of workplace safety infrastructure.

Authorised Gas Tester Training

Who Provides the Best Authorised Gas Tester Training Courses?

Arobase Gas Testing sets the standard for authorised gas tester training, surpassing industry norms with a comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, flexible training options, and industry recognition. Their commitment to excellence and staying ahead of industry trends makes them the top choice for professionals seeking top-tier training in industrial safety.

Authorised Gas Tester - Purge Training
OPITO Authorised Gas Tester

Authorised Gas Tester Training – 2024

Arobase Gas Testing offers Authorised Gas Tester Training with accredited experts, tailored courses, and a comprehensive curriculum covering confined spaces, hot work, purging, and hazardous substances. Their proven track record and various course options make them a global leader in enhancing gas safety standards. Contact them to begin your gas safety journey.

Engineer using gas monitors to measure flammable gases.
White Paper

A Guide to Effectively Detect and Measure Flammable Gases”

The white paper discusses the importance of accurately measuring flammable gases for safety in various environments. It highlights the crucial role of gas detectors for early threat detection and aging, stressing the significance of choosing appropriate sensors, strategic placement, regular calibration, and understanding gas concentration levels. Moreover, it recommends establishing clear response and emergency protocols to effectively handle potential gas incidents.

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Authorised Gas Tester Training

Time to Switch to Web Based Authorised Gas Tester Training and Assessment?

With Covid-19 sweeping quickly around the world, more and more of our customers are looking to web based platforms to solve their Authorised Gas Taster training and assessment needs. We at Arobase Gas Testing, have always extolled the virtues of face to face training and assessment and recommend e-learning as a useful supplementary tool.

Authorised Gas Tester Training
OPITO Authorised Gas Tester

Authorised Gas Tester Training Levels 1 to 3

Here at Arobase, we run the classic OPITO format authorised gas tester training courses. The content includes all required of the syllabus and more. However, we do not hold OPITO accredited status and do not intend to. For more on the reasons why, please see our article “Authorised Gas Tester or Just an Authorised Gas?”