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Are You Looking for the Right Gas Detector Probe?

What is a Gas Detector Probe?

gas detector probe is a handheld device used to position the sample inlet of a pumped gas detector. Gas detector probes are designed to work in a number of situations, including leak tracing, barhole testing and confined space entry. 

In their most basic form, probes can simply be a length of rigid or semi-rigid plastic tubing. And many gas detector users adopt this approach, due to the high costs associated with probes and their consumables. But is this wise?

The Wisdom of Using a Well-Made Probe

The majority of repair bills associated with pumped gas detectors, are associated with the ingress of water and other liquids. Second to these is the ingress of dusts and fumes. 

The expenses are not only limited to the hundreds or thousands of pounds associated with the repair but can extend to many lost manhours while the instrument is dispatched for repair.

Gas Detector Probe Handle

What Makes for a Good Gas Detector Probe?

The secret of a good gas detector probe is simplicity! Think back to the length of rigid or semi-rigid plastic tubing many have already designed for themselves. It works perfectly well – until you encounter liquids!

But if you could plug your piece of tubing into a handle containing a water and dust filter – you suddenly have the perfect probe for you!

The MKI @probe TM was designed by our engineers at Arobase limited having received this very simple brief.  As a result, they have created a probe handle encompassing a two-part filter system. An initial cotton course dust and fume filter, and a secondary fine dust and water filter.  

Gas Detector Probe Filter

What Else makes for a Good Probe?

The very best gas detector probes also have a number of other simple characteristics.

  • Made of plastic to limit the dangers of electrocution
  • Chemically inert to the gases you are intending to sample
  • Straight when held, but able to bend 360when required
  • Easy to grip in all environmental conditions
  • Robust for the real world
  • Simple to dismantled, clean and unblock
  • Fully serviceable with reasonably priced parts 

Why Purchase the @Probe

  • Simply – simplicity
  • Easy to use, maintain and service
  • The 2-part filter system ensures the gas detector’s protection
  • The @probe handle in its simplest form, allows you to plug that bit of tubing you always used before into a robust filtered handle

How to Purchase the @Probe – Universal Gas Detector Probe

We will soon be launching our online order facility, but in the meantime please contact us directly.

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